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The versioning prefix - influence client caching

The pulse framework delivers content with far future expiration headers in order to allow a long cache-time for resources with the client. In order to still be available to influence the cached resources pulse provides the versioning prefix which can be used to force to client to reload cached resources.

The versioning prefix is a combination of a prefix which as configured within the main configuration file: pulse.xml and a version number which is being set in "WEB-INF/xsl/globals.xsl" as follows:

    <!-- ================================= -->
    <!-- version -->
    <xsl:variable name="">
        <xsl:value-of select="/result/meta-data/versioning-prefix/text()"/>
        <!-- change this value to get a new version -->

The xsl:variable named $ will be included in all the URLs loading static resources (such as CSS-files or JavaScript-files) for the layout.

Should you require a reload of the static resources by the client (i.e. on site updates), you simply have to adapt the version number in order to force a client to reload the resources.