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A basic overview of all directories

The basic structure of pulse is organised as any standard Java webapp. It contains some public directories available via HTTP (css, lib-js, resources and the files in the base directory) and the configuration and library directories (META-INF and WEB-INF) which are not available via HTTP.

Both the css and the lib-js folder contain CSS and JavaScript files required for either the demo-layout or the site administration. The resources directory contains files required by the installed bundles and components.

The META-INF directory contains the configuration for the webapp's context, whereas the configurations, libraries and protected resources of the pulse container are located in WEB-INF. The Java libraries providing the functionality of pulse are all located in WEB-INF/lib in their individual JAR archives.

WEB-INF/hibernate-search is the default location for the search indexes created by the pulse site search which is powered by Hibernate Search. WEB-INF/vfs-public and WEB-INF/vfs-private are the default root folders of the public and private part of the virtual file system.

The main template files for the layout can be found in WEB-INF/xsl. These files make up the layout's framework, while the templates for the individual contents are provided by the installed bundles and components. The latter are configured in WEB-INF/bundles and WEB-INF/components. More information on creating a custom layout for pulse can be found in the customizing section.

WEB-INF/log is the default location for the logfile of your pulse instance. Instructions on how to change this location as well as the configurations in WEB-INF/conf & WEB-INF/fop will be the topic of the next section.