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Release notes for 0.7 pre2

Release Notes - pulse - Version 0.7 pre 2


  • [PULSE-124] - Paging for store and shop groups is broken
  • [PULSE-129] - Investigate behaviour of XMLConverter.cleanHTML(Reader)
  • [PULSE-132] - Command.generateToken should use ByteUtils.getBytes(int) for hash code processing
  • [PULSE-136] - Add more tight restrictions for VirtualFile names (a-Z, 0-9, -._ only)
  • [PULSE-138] - VirtualFileSystem initialisation fails on empty database (trunk)
  • [PULSE-140] - Token generation in Command does not consider Parameters properly due to a bug in Command.hashCode()


  • [PULSE-107] - Add @RequireToken annotation to Controllers
  • [PULSE-111] - Generate site-maps on startup (for locales as configured in conf/*.ServiceRequestImpl.xml)
  • [PULSE-121] - Make Content.createCopy(Locale) use user information to record the new creator
  • [PULSE-130] - Allow "void" as the return type for @Action annotated Controller methods
  • [PULSE-131] - Change Controller methods which always return null to "void" return type
  • [PULSE-144] - add SEO specific fields to AbstractBasicContent and administration interface

New Feature

  • [PULSE-61] - Allow Controllers to have "namespaces" to distinguish between Actions of the same name in different controllers
  • [PULSE-117] - Make the session id change upon login and logout
  • [PULSE-122] - Add method in Content which allows a LinkCorrector to plug in and port the Pelikan feature to pulse


  • [PULSE-13] - Change mapping of WebDAV role in User
  • [PULSE-119] - Improve return types and JavaDoc in ContentEditors
  • [PULSE-120] - Improve return types in all Controllers
  • [PULSE-141] - Libraries: Apache POI: Upgrade to 3.6


  • [PULSE-108] - Check administrative components and apply the annotation where necessary/sensible
  • [PULSE-123] - Create interface ILinkCorrectable as the default plug in interface for the LinkCorrector