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VFS permissions

Editing VFS permissions

To edit VFS permissions select the ‘VFS permissions overview’ from the ‘users and rights’ palette  to open the ‘VFS permissions overview’ tab.

vfs permissions tab

Like many other overview tabs, the ‘VFS permissions overview’ tab can be divided into three sections:

  • The head (Fig.1, 1) containing various information about the selected file or folder and the save button.
  • The file browser (Fig.1, 2) for browsing and selecting files from your virtual file system (VFS).
  • The viewport (Fig.1, 3) containing two tabs: a detailed view of your folder content and the VFS permissions edit tab.

Assigning VFS permissions

Assigning VFS permission can be done in a few steps:

  1. Choose a folder or a file from the virtual file system by selecting it in the file browser (Fig.2)
  2. Switch the viewport to the VFS permissions edit tab (Fig.2)
  3. Assign read (Fig.2, 1) or write (Fig.2, 2) roles to the folder/file. Assigning read- or write-roles to a folder or a file works like assigning roles to a user.
  4. If you would like to assign the roles to a folder and all its content use the “Apply for files and sub-folders” checkbox.
  5. Use the tab toolbar’s save button to confirm your applied changes.

vfs edit roles tab