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If you would like to create, edit or delete a group, select the ‘groups overview’ from the ‘users and rights’ palette  to open the ‘groups overview’ tab.

groups overview tab

Like many other overview tabs, the ‘groups overview’ tab can be divided into three sections:

  • The head (Fig.1, 1) containing the “create a new group” button;
  • The viewport (Fig.1, 2) containing a listing of all available groups and the edit and delete group buttons
  • The footer (Fig.1,, 3) containing the paging buttons and the refresh button. Here you also can set how many results shall be displayed per page.

Creating a new group

To create a new group use the “create a new group” button new group button located in the tab's head bar to open the “create a new group input mask”. Enter a name for the new group and click on the input mask’s 'create' button to finish creating your group.

Deleting a group

To delete a group, use the delete button delete icon next to the group’s name.

Note: A deleted group cannot be restored. Use this feature with caution. 

Editing a group

When you have created a group, you can start editing the group. To do so, use the edit button on the right side of the group you would like to edit.

edit group tab

The ‘edit group’ tab has 4 components:

  • The head (Fig.2, 1) containing fields for editing the group’s name and description and the save button.
  • The roles section (Fig.2, 2) where roles can be added to the group.
  • The users section (Fig.2,, 3) where users can be added to the group.
  • The permissions section (Fig.2, 4) where individual permissions can be added to the group.

Editing a group’s name and its description

Editing a group’s name or its description is quite simple: select the name field or the description field. Enter a name or the description. After you have finished filling in the description or the name, use the save button to save your changes.

Assigning or removing roles to/from a group

See: assigning and removing roles.

Assigning or removing users of a group

See: assigning and removing users.

Assigning or removing permissions of a group

See: assigning and removing permissions.