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If you would like to create, edit or delete a user, select the ‘users overview’ from the ‘users and rights’ palette to open the 'users overview' tab (Fig.1).

users overview tab

The 'users overview' tab can be divided into three sections:

  • The header (Fig.1, 1) containing the create button and the user search mask.
  • The viewport (Fig.1, 2) containing a list of all users.
  • The user edit buttons and the footer (Fig.1, 3) containing the paging buttons and the refresh button.

Creating a new user

To create a new user use the ‘new user’ button new user button located in the tab’s header. After clicking the ‘new user’ button, an input mask will open in a popup (Fig.2).

new user input mask

Fill in all necessary information and use the create button to finish creating a new user. When a new user is created it will be immediately displayed in the users overview tab’s viewport.

Edit an existing user

To edit an existing user use the edit button located right of the user’s last login displayed in the viewport. Use the user’s ‘edit’ button to open the ‘edit user’ tab.

user edit tab

The ‘edit user’ tab has 4 main sections:

  • The header (Fig.3, 1) containing the change password button, the toggle active button, the user delete button, the user name edit field, the edit e-mail address field and the checkbox to set the “WebDAV” access
  • The edit roles section (Fig.3, 2) to assign or remove roles of this user
  • The edit groups section (Fig.3, 3) to assign or remove permission groups of this user
  • The permissions section (Fig.3, 4) to assign or remove single permissions of this user

Changing a user’s password

To change a user’s password, use the ‘change password’ button change password buttton to open the input mask. Fill out the input mask and use the change button to confirm the new password.

Note: You do not have to confirm the changing of the password with the old user password. The old user password will simply be overwritten, so use this function carefully and only when it’s necessary.

Activate or deactivate a user

To switch a user active or inactive use the ‘toggle active’ button toggle active button to switch the user’s status to active or inactive.

Deleting a user

To delete a user, use the ‘delete user’ button delete user button.

Note: Once deleted, a user cannot be restored. So use this feature carefully.

Activate or deactivate WebDAV access

With this checkbox you can enable the user to get access to the virtual file-system of pulse via a WebDAV-client like WebDrive in order to upload or change files. (more on the topic of acessing the VFS via WebDAV see : The virtual file system)

Assigning and removing a user’s roles

See: assigning and removing roles.

Assigning and removing a user’s permission groups

See: assigning and removing groups.

Assigning and removing a user’s permissions

See: assigning and removing permissions