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Creating a new representative

retailer representatives palette

To create a new retailer, switch to the “Retailer and Representatives” palette in the palettes menu (Fig.1)

Afterwards use the 'Representatives overview' button (Fig.1, 2) to open the representatives tab (Fig.2).

representatives tab overview

Like the retailer tab, the representatives tab can also be divided into three areas:

  • The toolbar (Fig.2, 1) containing the create button
  • The viewport (Fig.2, 2) where all existing representatives are listed
  • The footer (Fig.2, 3) which contains the paging buttons and the refresh button

To create a new representative use the ‘create’ button located in the representatives-tab’s toolbar. This button will open the input mask for creating a new representative as a popup.

representatives input mask

It’s recommended to fill in as much information as possible. However, the fields ‘Rep. country’ and ‘Name’ are mandatory. When finished, use the save button in the input mask’s toolbar to create the new representative.


Editing or deleting a representative

To edit a representative, use the edit button edit icon located on the right side of the 'representatives' viewport. To delete a representative, use the delete button delete icon on the right side of the 'representatives' viewport.