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Creating a new retailer

retailer representatives palette

To create a new retailer, switch to the “Retailer and Representatives” palette in the palettes menu. Afterwards use the retailer overview button (Fig.1, 1) to open the retailer tab.

retailer overview tab

The retailer tab can be divided into three parts:

  • The toolbar (Fig.2, 1) which contains the create button, the export to Microsoft Excel™ list buttons (CSV and XLSX file format) and the country selector
  • The viewport (Fig..2, 2) listing all existing retailers for the selected country
  • The footer (Fig.2, 3) which contains the paging buttons and the refresh button.

The first step in creating a new retailer is to select the country in which the retailer is situated. Use the ‘select a country’ dropdown menu in the retailer-tab’s toolbar. Click on the ‘create’ button in the tab’s toolbar to open the retailers-input-mask as a popup.

retailer input mask

It is recommended to fill in as much information as possible, even though only the name is mandatory. When you are done, use the save button in the input mask’s toolbar to create the new retailer.

Note: The ‘reload’ button resets the form to its last saved state. In this case (creating a new retailer) it would reset the form to blank.

Editing or deleting a retailer

To edit a retailer use the ‘edit’ button edit icon located on the right side of the retailers viewport. To delete a retailer use the ‘delete’ button delete icon on the right side of the 'retailers' viewport.