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Linking content to a sitemap node

linking content into sitemap

Linking content to the Sitemap is done in five steps:

  • Switch to the sitemap palette (Fig.1, 1).
  • Create a new sitemap node by clicking the ‘create sitemap node’ icon new content button (Fig.1, 2) or select an existing, empty sitemap node.
  • Rename your sitemap node if necessary: select it and then click on its name field (Fig.1, 3) again, after that the name field (Fig.1, 3) will turn into an input field.
  • Enter a name for that node/menu-item
  • Click on the ‘edit’ button edit icon (Fig.1, 4). A new tab opens in the viewport to the right, where you can navigate through the content registry to the content page which you would like to link to this sitemap node. Select that content by clicking on the green ‘select’ icon .
  • Change the visibility of the sitemap node to visible by clicking the toggle visibility button icon visibility once (Fig.1, 5).


Note: If you want to check if your content is linked and displayed correctly, you can do so by assigning a special role (we called ours ‘preview’) to your user and the node you want to inspect. This way you can set the node to ‘visible’ and check if it is positioned correctly in the navigation, while the node as well as its content are still visible to you only.

More on applying roles to users see: Users.

More on applying roles to sitemap-nodes: The main sitemap-node fatures.