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Content groups

Content groups are useful for displaying the summaries of different contents at the same time, e.g. several products of one product group like DVD’s or printer supplies. They are a structural element, as they do have no actual content of their own. To create a content group, navigate to the area of the content registry in which you would like to create the group. Select or create the folder in which you would like to create the content group and click on the ‘create’ button next to the folder’s name for opening the input mask. Enter a name for the content group and create it by clicking on the content group symbol (Fig.1).

content group button

The editor for content groups contains all basic editor components.

Editing a content group

Editing a content group’s summary or description is as easy as this:

  • Open the summary/description section with the ‘expand’ button
  • Click the ‚edit’ button • Edit the summary/description with the rich text editor
  • Save your changes by clicking the save button in the rich text editor’s tool bar

Note: The content-group’s summary is necessary so that the content group can be displayed by the search function and because the content group itself might be a child of another content group.

Linking a content group to the sitemap

Linking a content group to the sitemap is done in a few steps:

  • Select the sitemap palette by clicking on it
  • Create a new node
  • Click on the node’s ‘edit’ button and link the content group to it

The content group displays all summaries of its child nodes in an overview. For example the menu point "Administration manual" is linked with a content group. The text beneath the headlines comes from the pages' summary sections.