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Adding an image group

Image Groups are used by shop contents as well as by store contents.

The image group was implemented because each product needs many different sizes of its images, e.g. for thumbnails on the one side and for large detail images on the other. As by automatic scaling there would be a huge loss in quality, the only remaining option was to use pre-scaled images, which led to the need of managing them in one place.

To add a new product image group click on the ‘new image’ button in the toolbar at the top of the shop or store content-editor tab. After that, a popup will open (Fig.1). Fill in a name for your new image group and click on create.

image group input mask

Afterwards a new popup will appear. (Fig.2)

filebrowser popup

A product image group consist (in the default version) of 4 images of different sizes (depending on your layout). Within this popup (Fig.2) you are able to group these 4 images. Click on one of the sizes to open the file browser. (Fig.3)

filebrowser popup

The file system browser works almost like the explorer in Microsoft Windows™. The folder tree structure (Fig.3, 1) is displayed on the left hand side of the popup window. You can navigate through the folders by using the 'expand' or 'collapse' buttons. Double-clicking a Folder also opens it, as well as an image is selected by a double-click. On the right hand side (Fig. 3, 2) the folder content or a preview of the image you have selected are displayed. When you have selected an image, use the apply button to confirm your selection as the image to be used for the previously selected size.

Note: In the basic configuration each product-image-group consists of four different sizes: small, medium, normal and large. In order to create an image group, you have to provide images for all four sizes; otherwise you cannot save the image group.

After you have created your image group you can view the images and change/edit them by expanding the image section using the expand button .