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CMS content

The editor for CMS contents contains all basic editor components along with two new options:

  • The “new page” button (Fig.1, 1)
  • The 'pages' section (Fig.1, 2).

CMS content consists of a summary used by the websites internal search and by content-groups and a set of pages. Existing pages can be edited in the pages section (Fig.1, 2) while new pages are created using the “new page” button (Fig.1, 1) at the top of the editor.

cms content tab

Editing Pages

To edit or delete a page you can simply use the respective buttons. When editing a page, a new rich text editor will open allowing you to adjust the page’s contents. The “this page as summary” button (Fig.2, 3) is a convenience function which allows you to use the contents of a page as the content's summary with just one click.

cms page summary button

On how to use the rich text editor see: The rich text editor.

Note: CMS content must have at least one page. On deletion of the last remaining page a new empty page will automatically be created.