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Website Administration Manual

Looking for information on how to install and/or configure pulse? Please refer to the "Download & Install" section.
This part of the website deals with the web interface (back-end) of pulse.

Getting Started

The first part of the manual describes the main viewport of the administration and the first steps to get started. Learn how to login for the first time and how to set up the initial roles and permissions.

Basic functions

This part of the manual describes the basic functions of the website administration and its editors.

The Content Registry

In this chapter you will learn how to work in the content registry. It explains how to create, edit or delete existing content from the content registry.

The Sitemap

In this part of the manual you will learn about the sitemap and its functions.

Retailers and Representatives

The retailers and representatives section is used as some kind of address book where you can manage all retailers you deal with and all your representatives. This Database will be used by your website's visitors to look up a dealer selling your products closest to them.

Users and rights

The users and rights section stands for the access control section of your website. This chapter of the manual describes how to handle these components of the access control.  

Content filters

Content filters can be used to categorize the website's contents and to make them easier to find. In this part of the manual you will learn how to work with content filters.

Best practices

This part of the manual describes some very useful practices of working with the website.