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Setting up a new shop


Creating a new shop

Before you can start working with the integrated shop you have to define the basic shop settings like tax rates and so on. To do so, navigate to the shop settings palette by clicking on its panel in the palettes menu.
To create new shop settings or editing the present ones, use the edit button (Fig.1, 1) next to the locale in which you want to change the settings.

After you have clicked on the edit button, a new tab will appear on the right side of the main viewport (Fig.2).

shop settings panel

In the currency field (Fig.2, 1) the currency for the shop can be edited. The selection box (Fig.2, 2) defines whether the shop’s pricings are net or gross based. The create button (Fig.2, 3) is used to create a new tax rate. The display area (Fig.2, 4) shows all tax rates that have been set for this shop.

Setting up a new tax rate

To set up a new tax rate click on the create tax rate button (Fig.2, 3). Using this button will open an input mask with two fields (Fig.3):

tax rate input

Fill out this input mask with the necessary information (tax name and tax percentage) and click “create” to finish. When the tax rate is created it will be listed in the tax-display-area of the shop settings tab (Fig.2, 4). The last step for creating new shop settings is clicking the save button in the toolbar of the shop settings tab.

Editing a tax rate

Editing a tax rate is quite easy:

  • Open the ‘edit shop settings’ tab
  • Double-click on the tax value displayed in the display field
  • Enter a new tax rate
  • Use the ‘save’ button in the tab’s toolbar to save the changes.

Deleting a tax rate

If you would like to delete a tax rate, just use the ‘delete’ delete icon button located on the right side of the display list (Fig.2, 4).