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Common content editing tasks

Creating a new content or content group

create new cms content
new content input mask

After you created a parent folder in a locale, you can now create a content for that locale.

  • Click on the ‘new’ button (Fig.1, 1) next to that folder.
  • Fill in a name/headline for your content in the pop up and click on the appropriate content button (Fig.2, 2).
  • In the right Viewport, a new tab will open where you will be provided with further editing options according to the content you have created. These will be explained later on in the manual.

Look here for:

Editing existing content

After clicking the edit icon next to any content, a new tab opens on the right-hand side. The tab will contain all editing options for the selected content. The different editors for the website’s contents are described in the following chapters.

Deleting content from the content registry

In order to delete content from the content registry you just have to click on the ‘delete’ button next to the content you want no longer in the registry. Confirm the action when prompted.

Note: You can only delete content that is not currently linked to a sitemap node. If so, you must first remove the content from that node before you can delete it.

How to copy contents

copy content

With the ‘Copy content’ button, located at the top left of your tab, you can easily create duplicates of any content within the CMS, Core, Shop or Store administration. This is especially useful when translating content from one language to another, as you do not have to care about layout and such things.
In order to do so, you just have to navigate to the content you want to duplicate and then click on the ‘Copy content’ button, whereupon a popup window will appear, in which you can select the destination folder for your copy.
After clicking ‘create’, the copy will be displayed in a new tab, so that you do not have to navigate there before starting to work at it.
Another benefit of the ‘Copy content’ feature is, that it will automatically link the copied content to the original via the ‘Translations’ section and vice versa.

Please remember to update any links within the copied content, as this is not done automatically!