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Main elements

new content input mask

edit Edit a content Opens a new tab with editing options for the content
delete Delete content Deletes the selected content
create Create new content Creates a new content as a child of the current node
All contents of the website are managed within the content registry. The registry is your content repository tree, where each and every content should exist only once for every locale. Each content may be added to more than one sitemap node. The content registry is organised in so-called bundles and locales.


A bundle represents a part of the website's software which provides a set of contents. In the default configuration you should have four bundles which contain the following content types:

All bundles hold two special content types:

  • The content group  which is a kind of table of contents
  • The folder  which is another grouping tool that should help you keeping your contents organised.

Each bundle is divided into subsections by the website’s locales, which contain the actual contents for that locale.


A locale stands for a combination of language and country. This is necessary to map the various combinations possible, with the first two letters representing the language and the last two, separated by an underscore, represent the country. For an example, if you want to build a website for Switzerland, you will need 3 locales for each of the official languages there, which would be de_CH, fr_CH and it_CH, while if your website was for the USA, you would have only one locale named en_US.


As a further grouping tool, you can create folders within each locale according to your needs. Creating a folder works the same way as creating any other content within the content registry:

  • Click on the ‘new’ button next to the node where you want to create the folder
  • When prompted enter a name for the folder.
  • Click on the folder button in the popup window (Fig.2).
  • Your folder has been created.


new folder input mask


Note: In order to create content within a locale, there must be at least one parent folder present in which you can create the content.