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The rich text editor

Note: knowledge of HTML is necessary

Although the editor might have a similar look and feel compared to types of editors you already know from applications such as Microsoft Office™, it has its limitations.
Please bear in mind that you are working in a browser with all the restrictions that apply when working in a browser. When editing content it can be helpful or sometimes even necessary to directly edit the HTML source code, which is an option the editor provides.

The editor toolbar

editor toolbar

All buttons of the editor are ‘tool-tipped’ – which means that a tool-tip, stating that buttons function, will appear after a few seconds when you are positioning the mouse over it. Because of this, we will skip explaining each button separately, except for two important buttons. To the upper left in the top row you will find a button labelled ‘Source’. This is where you can switch to the source-code editing mode. The editor also offers the possibility of switching to full-screen mode by the rightmost button in the second line.

Image/Flash selection

Move the cursor to the desired position for the new image within the editor area. Press the button image selection button for image selection or the button flash selection button for Flash selection.
In the popup that appears you can edit the image's properties such as height, width, alt-text, border and alignment. You will also find a button called ‘browse server’. By clicking it, you will open another popup that allows you to browse the virtual file-system and select from the available images or flash applications the one you want to use.

Creating a link within the site

Select the text or the image you want to convert to a link. Now press the button edit link button in the toolbar to create a link.
Within the popup that appears, you can either enter the desired link manually (by typing or via copy & paste) or with the button ‘browse server’. By clicking it, another popup allows you to browse the sitemap tree and select the node within your site you want to link to.

Note: The browse server button allows you only to link to pages that are inside your sitemap. This means you cannot create links to external pages this way. External links always need to be entered manually.

Creating a link to a file in your virtual file system

Select the text you want to convert to a link. Press the button edit link button in the toolbar to create a link.
Within the popup that appears, click the button ‘browse server’. By clicking it, another popup opens, that allows you choose if you would like to browse the sitemap tree or if you would like to browse through your files. Use the "files" button located in the top bar of the popup to browse your file system. Select the file you would like to link to and confirm this by closing the pop up via the select button. The link will be automatically supplemented with "?download" to create a download-only link. Remove this part of the link via the source code editor if you would like to display the file in the browser (e.g. if the linked file is an image or pdf).

Copying content within the rich text editor

If you want to copy texts in the administration, you can use the standard copy and paste features, just like if you were working in an office application.

Please note that sometimes the security settings of the browser do not allow you to use the copy, cut and paste functions of the context menu (right click) or the menu bar, but the keyboard shortcuts for copy & paste should always be working:

Ctrl + C    copy
Ctrl + V    paste
Ctrl + X    cut

Mac OS:
Apple + C    copy
Apple + V    paste
Apple + X    cut

This way you should be able to copy texts from one editor to another. Please also note, if you are pasting information from MS Word, do not directly paste them into the editor. This will clutter up the pages with Word specific mark-up. The editor has a special dialog to insert information copied from a Word document. But we would recommend using the source editor for these tasks, as this has been proven to be the most secure and error free solution.