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Basic tab functions

tab overview image

The tabs on the right-hand side of the viewport contain the actual edit views of the administration. Tabs are generally working in the same way regardless of the editor displayed. You can easily switch between different open editors by clicking on the title of a tab.

Every tab containing unsaved changes will be marked with an orange star in the left side of the tab's name (Fig.1, 1). Tabs can be closed by clicking the close button right to the tab’s name. You can also right-click tabs to get additional options like ‘close other tabs’.

All tabs have a toolbar (Fig.1, 2) at the top which contains the ‘save’ button as well as a ‘reload’ button. Additional buttons depend on the current editor.

Moreover, all tabs have a message panel (Fig.1, 3) directly below the toolbar, which alerts you to unsaved changes, errors or successfully stored changes.