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The difference between sitemap and content registry

For a better understanding of the differences between the sitemap (Sitemap) and the content registry (ContentRegistry) we will try to explain it by using a “real-life” example:
The content registry and the sitemap can be seen as two parts of a shop. In this case, the sitemap would be your showroom, where you put all products you want to sell on display. In relation to this, the content registry would be your stock. Each content you want to put on display in your sitemap must be a part of your stock – and just like in a real shop, you can put this content into several places of your website.

So a single content can be added to the sitemap a multiple times, always referring to the same content instance inside your content registry. And the same way, as you can have a lot more products in stock than you actually have on display, you can have a lot of contents in your content registry which are not visible to the ordinary user of your website unless you put it on display in your sitemap.

To put it in a nutshell, the content registry is your content stock: each and every content must be created in the registry, before it can be added to the sitemap. The sitemap is the structure of your website as seen by your visitors. And a single content from the registry may appear in one or more places in your sitemap.