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Changing the user password

Setting up a new password for your user

users and rights panel

After you have logged in successfully for the first time, we recommend changing the root user's password to a secure password of your choice. In order to do so, click on the “Users and Rights” panel (Fig.1, 1) on the left hand side and then click "Users overview" (Fig.1, 2) to get to the overview screen (Fig.2 ).


This tab (Fig.2) can also be divided into three areas:

  • The header (Fig.2, 1) where you can create new users and search for existing ones
  • The user list (Fig.2, 2) where you can browse through the user list and edit users
  • The footer (Fig.2, 3) where you can browse through the different list pages

users overview

For editing a user please click on the edit button editIcon located on the right side of the user list entry.
When this is done, a new tab will open (Fig.3) in which different settings can be applied to this user:

At the moment, only the head bar and its buttons, especially the change-password button (Fig.3, 1), are relevant. The other functions will be discussed later in this manual.

user edit overview

user edit password


Using this button will immediately open the "change password" dialog shown in Fig.4. Enter the new password confirm it and click on the ‘change’ button. If the window closes without an error message, you are all set.