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The main viewport

Overview of the main viewport

After having installed the pulse software for the first time, you have to do the initial login. For this please navigate to the “login.jsp” page with your browser by typing “http://localhost/pulse/login.jsp” into the address bar (only if you have installed pulse locally. If it is running on a web server, you need to adjust the URI accordingly). When your browser has loaded the page, it should look like Fig.1

login site

Log in with the username “root” and the auto generated password which can be found in your server’s log file. (Please refer to the installation manual for more information on how to obtain the initial root password.) If you have successfully completed the login process, you should see the main admin viewport (Fig.2) which can be divided into three areas:

  • The editor palettes which can be found on the left hand side of the window (Fig.2, 1)
  • The main viewport on the right hand side which contains tabs for editing content and further information (Fig.2, 2)
  • The top bar containing the log out button (Fig.2, 3)


main viewport


How to expand, collapse and minimize palettes

palettes overview
collapse button Palette panel collapse (Fig.3, 1) Collapses all palettes to give more room to the editing area
expand button Palette panel expand
Expands the collapsed palettes
minimize button Palette minimize (Fig.3, 3) Minimizes an open palette


You can easily switch between different administrative tasks by selecting the appropriate palette on the left-hand side. A palette opens as soon as you click on the title bar (Fig..3, 2) and closes if you click on the title bar again. You can also use the minus icons to close different palettes (Fig.3, 3) and minimize them to the bottom bar of the palette panel. You can restore such a minimised a palette by clicking on the small symbol located in the bottom bar. If you have a small screen, you may also expand and collapse the whole palette panel with the ‘expand and collapse’ button (Fig.3, 1).