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Release notes for 0.6.3 beta

Release Notes - pulse - Version 0.6.3 beta


  • [PULSE-83] - Search queries starting with either '*' or '?' cause an exception in Lucene's query parser
  • [PULSE-94] - Wrong character set used when uploading international text with multipart/form-data
  • [PULSE-99] - Use of GMT timezone where UTC would have been appropriate (affects MetaData and XMLConverter)


  • [PULSE-72] - Remove output-event behaviour from ForbiddenEvent and NotFoundEvent
  • [PULSE-90] - Add order codes to full text search for ShopContent and StoreContent
  • [PULSE-95] - Rework calculation of search failure and search suggestion imporance
  • [PULSE-96] - LocalizationLocator should remove parameter "targetLocale" from the redirect Command
  • [PULSE-97] - Remove EmptyResult from API and exchange with "null"
  • [PULSE-100] - Create VersionFilter to allow version numbers in paths to allow far future expires headers for static resources


  • [PULSE-98] - Upgrade to JDOM 1.1.1
  • [PULSE-102] - Rename @NoAction to @AnyAction and fix field names and documentation


  • [PULSE-73] - Add an enumeration of all Events to MetaData
  • [PULSE-87] - Create a template for ForbiddenEvent which allows a user to login/change login
  • [PULSE-101] - Add required changes to org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.Authentication to make the template for ForbiddenEvent work
  • [PULSE-103] - update "img" template in xhtml.xsl to insert the version into vfs related URIs