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Release notes for 0.6 beta

Release Notes - pulse - Version 0.6 beta


  • [PULSE-11] - take care of SitemapNode view roles during search
  • [PULSE-15] - Change ThemeSelector to display only themes which are available for the current locale
  • [PULSE-18] - edit namespace in package-info of
  • [PULSE-19] - WebDAV PUT request should inherit the read and write roles of the parent collection
  • [PULSE-57] - Fix WebDAVFilter: uses methods of servlet 2.5 api, while it has to be compatible to 2.4
  • [PULSE-58] - Change content fetch types from EAGER to LAZY where ever possible


  • [PULSE-6] - add "transaction-id" to StepwiseActionController
  • [PULSE-7] - Re-implement WebDAV functionality
  • [PULSE-8] - add temporal restrictions for sitemap-nodes
  • [PULSE-9] - change FilterContent to receive contents by direct query
  • [PULSE-14] - Remove UserContext
  • [PULSE-27] - Add preference field to org.torweg.pulse.service.request.Locale to allow preferences for countries with multiple languages
  • [PULSE-28] - Add initAdvancedSearch to SiteSearch to initialise a view for the advanced search
  • [PULSE-33] - Refactor SitemapMenuController for performance
  • [PULSE-34] - Consider changing Command.toCommandURL methods to String based methods
  • [PULSE-37] - Refactor, MenuResult and GetFullSitemap to improve performance
  • [PULSE-40] - Check StoreContentDisplayer for performance bottlenecks
  • [PULSE-41] - Move ContentGroup functionality in Displayers to a common base class
  • [PULSE-43] - Add support for file upload progress
  • [PULSE-46] - Add StreamScanner support to VirtualFileSystem, Uploads and WebDAV to allow virus scanning, blacklisting, etc
  • [PULSE-50] - Add support for Microsoft Web Folders to WebDAV service
  • [PULSE-56] - XSRF: add support for @RequireToken annotation
  • [PULSE-59] - Make XSLTOutputter use the output property method when determining the content-type for the response

New Feature

  • [PULSE-17] - Add areas to Sitemap to allow restricted searches
  • [PULSE-21] - Support for strong ETags in VFSServlet
  • [PULSE-22] - Create an in-memory FileCache for the VFSServlet extending PoorMansCache
  • [PULSE-38] - create URL-content
  • [PULSE-55] - Add 3-D Secure support to Wirecard payment provider


  • [PULSE-4] - Create layout for FilterContent
  • [PULSE-23] - Elaborate the design for "virtual" SitemapNodes
  • [PULSE-32] - check demo layout, if it still works after refactorings considering content groups
  • [PULSE-36] - create layout for the checkout process
  • [PULSE-44] - rework summary-panel in all content-editors
  • [PULSE-54] - Demo layout: check CMS content with multiple pages


  • [PULSE-20] - Add time-checks to access control in BundleInvoker
  • [PULSE-24] - Create Lucene filter for site-wide search honouring time restrictions
  • [PULSE-35] - create demo-layout for advanced search
  • [PULSE-52] - Create scanner chains and a sample scanner
  • [PULSE-53] - Create a StreamScanner which uses Clamd for virus scanning