Download pulse

Getting pulse

Downloading the binary distribution

The binary distributions of pulse are hosted by Sourceforge. An overview of all binary releases can be found on the project's download page.

Information on how to install the binary distribution is provided in the installation manual.

Working with the source code

The source code of pulse is available from SVN or as source distributions ready for download. This quick guide assumes that you are familiar in working with Apache Tomcat and Apache Ant. It also assumes you have a Java Runtime Environment (version 5 or newer), the Tomcat application server (version 5.5.17 or newer) and the database system of your choice up and running. For the sake of simplicity we assume the database system to be MySQL.

  1. Checkout the source from SVN or download a source distribution:
    svn co pulse-java
    There is additional help available on checking out the project.
  2. Copy to in the projects root directory and adapt it to fit your system.
    For a jump start it should suffice to change the deploy-dir property:
  3. Adapt the main configuration at conf/pulse.xml as well as the logging configuration at conf/log4j-config.xml.
    As long as you are using MySQL as the RDBMS for pulse all you have to do is to add your username, password and database to configuration. For more configuration options take a look at "Installing and configuring".
  4. Build with Ant. For information on how to use Ant, visit the Ant website.
  5. Start your Tomcat server and take a look at the log file, if the application has been able to start up properly. If there have been errors, the log messages will help you to fix the problems on your system.
  6. If the application has been able to start, you will find the password for the auto-generated root user in the log file.
  7. Log on to pulse by using login.jsp in the webapp's root. This will automatically take you to the administration panel.
  8. Follow the getting started instructions on the administration panel's welcome page.