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org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol controls the access to Bundles and their Controllers.
org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol.attributes comprises additional information associated with Users.
org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol.attributes.types contains type entities required by attributes.
org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol.authentication contains the container's implementations for the authentication.
org.torweg.pulse.annotations contains the Annotations for writing Controllers.
org.torweg.pulse.bundle contains the basic classes which make up a Bundle in the pulse container.
org.torweg.pulse.component contains the basic classes which define a Component of the pulse container.
org.torweg.pulse.component.cms is the content management bundle.
org.torweg.pulse.component.cms.admin contains the components to integrate the CMS into the website's administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.cms.model is the model of the content management bundle.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core is the core component bundle.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol is the user and rights administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.admin is the user and rights administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.attributes.admin administrative controllers for attributes.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.sso contains interfaces and implementations for creating a single sign-on structure with pulse.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.vfs.admin administrative controllers for virtual file system's rights management.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.adminui Controllers for integral parts of the administrative user interface.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.contentregistry Controllers for working with the ContentRegistry and with content's which extend AbstractBasicContent.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.qc contains tools for the quality control of a website.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site is the view administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content TODO: explain
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter Controllers for displaying FilterContent.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter.admin contains the components to integrate Filters and FilterContents into the website's administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.map is the sitemap administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.search TODO: explain
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.view Controllers for the administration of Views.
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.system system utilities.
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop is dependent upon the Store bundle (org.torweg.pulse.component.store).
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.admin all editors of the pulse-website-administration for the shop can be found within this package.
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.model all entities of the shop's model can be found within this package.
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.util Contains utilities for the shop.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics Contains the controller for the recording of the statistical datathe job for aggregating the recorded datathe job for sending an report email based on the aggregated data.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.aggregator Contains the aggregators for the DataAggregationJoblet.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.aggregator.task Contains tasks to be run during the run of the DataAggregationJoblet, which do not directly perform the aggregation data.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model Contains all entities representing "countable" statistical unit of information.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation Contains all the entities required for storing the results of the aggregators run by the DataAggregationJoblet.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.user Contains the controller(s) required for displaying the statistical information about Users.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.util Provides a set of utility classes for displaying statistical information within the pulse website administration UI.
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.view Contains the controllers for initialising the statistics west panel within the website administration UI displaying the statistical information within the pulse website administration UIgenerating statistical reports.
org.torweg.pulse.component.store is the e-store bundle.
org.torweg.pulse.component.store.admin contains the components to integrate the Store into the website's administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.store.model contains the business objects of the Store bundle.
org.torweg.pulse.component.survey contains the main controller including its configuration and result used by the survey bundle.
org.torweg.pulse.component.survey.export contains export Joblets for the survey component.
org.torweg.pulse.component.survey.model is the model of the survey bundle.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin Contains basic utility controllers/configurations for use within the pulse website-administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin.cleanup Contains basic utility controllers/configurations to perform clean-ups in the pulse administration.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.model Contains the model classes for the util component.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative Contains the RepresentativeDisplayer.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative.admin Contains the main-controller for the pulse-website-administration of the utility representative-package.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.retailer.admin Contains the main-controller for the pulse-website-administration of the utility retailer-package.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.retailer.exports Contains the utility-controllers/joblets for the pulse-website-administration of the utility retailer-package for exporting.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.retailer.imports Contains the utility-controllers/joblets for the pulse-website-administration of the utility retailer-package for importing.
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.vfs TODO: explain
org.torweg.pulse.configuration contains the main and base configuration elements of pulse.
org.torweg.pulse.email contains the pulse MailQueue and Email.
org.torweg.pulse.invocation TODO: explain
org.torweg.pulse.invocation.lifecycle provides the Lifecycle and associated resources.
org.torweg.pulse.result contains the reusable and basic JAXB results for the pulse Controllers.
org.torweg.pulse.service contains the main components needed to run the pulse container.
org.torweg.pulse.service.event contains the main output events of the pulse container.
org.torweg.pulse.service.request contains interfaces and implementations that deal with the decoding of a request.
org.torweg.pulse.site is the main management model for the websites created with pulse.
org.torweg.pulse.site.content is the main management model for the websites Content.
org.torweg.pulse.site.content.admin Contains the basic controllers, configurations, and results to work with content.
org.torweg.pulse.site.content.filter contains classes to create filters on ContentLocalizationMaps.
org.torweg.pulse.site.content.suffices contains suffix conversion classes to build URL safe, ASCII only and search engine friendly suffices for AbstractBasicContents.
org.torweg.pulse.site.content.util TODO: Explain
org.torweg.pulse.site.map is the main management model for the websites hierarchical structure.
org.torweg.pulse.util is a collection of useful basic classes of general use.
org.torweg.pulse.util.adminui is a collection of utilities used by the administration user interface.
org.torweg.pulse.util.captcha contains both interface/abstract classes for CAPTCHAs as well as an implementation using ReCaptcha.
org.torweg.pulse.util.entity contains base classes for entities in pulse.
org.torweg.pulse.util.geolocation contains the interface for IGeoLocationProviders as well as standard implementations.
org.torweg.pulse.util.io contains I/O related utilites including fast unsynchronized replacements for StringWriter and ByteArrayOutputStream.
org.torweg.pulse.util.requestbean contains useful implementations to be used in conjunction with RequestBean.
org.torweg.pulse.util.search is a collection of internal utilities for the site search.
org.torweg.pulse.util.streamscanner contains the InputStreamScannerChain, OutputStreamScannerChain and several scanner implementations.
org.torweg.pulse.util.time is a collection of classes related to time.
org.torweg.pulse.util.xml is a collection of XML helpers.
org.torweg.pulse.util.xml.bind is a collection of utilities for JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding).
org.torweg.pulse.util.xml.transform is a collection of utilities for XSL transformations.
org.torweg.pulse.vfs is the included virtual file system of the pulse container.
org.torweg.pulse.vfs.filebrowser adapter classes for the VirtualFileSystem and the FileBrowser of the administration.
org.torweg.pulse.vfs.providers contains several providers for the VirtualFileSystem.
org.torweg.pulse.webdav contains the WebDAV implementation (DAV 1 compliant).
org.torweg.pulse.webdav.request classes and interfaces directly related to WebDAV requests.
org.torweg.pulse.webdav.response classes and interfaces directly related to WebDAV responses.
org.torweg.pulse.webdav.util contains utilities for the WebDAV implementation.