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Package org.torweg.pulse.vfs

is the included virtual file system of the pulse container.


Interface Summary
VFSProvider a provider for a VirtualFileSystem store.

Class Summary
VFInputStream an InputStream to read from VirtualFiles.
VFOutputStream an OutputStream to write to VirtualFiles.
VFSDAVStore a DAVStore implementation for the VirtualFileSystem .
VFSDeferredDeleteJoblet a Joblet to execute VFSDeferredDeletes.
VFSHelpers contains static helper methods for the VirtualFileSystem.
VFSServlet a servlet to access VirtualFiles via HTTP GET and POST.
VirtualFile a file in the VirtualFileSystem.
VirtualFileSystem the VirtualFileSystem is a singleton providing access to VirtualFiles.

Exception Summary
IllegalFileNameException exception indicating an illegal file name for a VirtualFile.
InsufficientPermissionsException is thrown, if an accessor has not all Permissions to required for an operation on a VirtualFile.
VFIOException an IOException for the VirtualFileSystem.

Package org.torweg.pulse.vfs Description

is the included virtual file system of the pulse container.

The VirtualFileSystem consists of two stores: a private and a public store. VirtualFiles stored in the public store will also be available via HTTP.

Each store of the VirtualFileSystem will be accessed via a VFSProvider, which provides the actual access and distribution mechanisms.