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Uses of Interface

Packages that use VFSProvider
org.torweg.pulse.vfs is the included virtual file system of the pulse container. 
org.torweg.pulse.vfs.providers contains several providers for the VirtualFileSystem

Uses of VFSProvider in org.torweg.pulse.vfs

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.vfs that return VFSProvider
protected  VFSProvider VirtualFileSystem.getPrivateProvider()
          returns the private provider.
protected  VFSProvider VirtualFileSystem.getProvider(java.net.URI uri)
          returns the VFSProvider for the given URI.
 VFSProvider VirtualFileSystem.getProvider(VirtualFile f)
          returns the VFSProvider for the given VirtualFile.
protected  VFSProvider VirtualFileSystem.getPublicProvider()
          returns the public provider.

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.vfs with parameters of type VFSProvider
protected  void VirtualFileSystem.setPrivateProvider(VFSProvider p)
protected  void VirtualFileSystem.setPublicProvider(VFSProvider p)

Uses of VFSProvider in org.torweg.pulse.vfs.providers

Classes in org.torweg.pulse.vfs.providers that implement VFSProvider
 class SingleFileSystemProvider
          a VFSProvider working directly on a single file system.