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Uses of Class

Packages that use VFIOException
org.torweg.pulse.vfs is the included virtual file system of the pulse container. 
org.torweg.pulse.webdav.util contains utilities for the WebDAV implementation. 

Uses of VFIOException in org.torweg.pulse.vfs

Subclasses of VFIOException in org.torweg.pulse.vfs
 class IllegalFileNameException
          exception indicating an illegal file name for a VirtualFile.
 class InsufficientPermissionsException
          is thrown, if an accessor has not all Permissions to required for an operation on a VirtualFile.

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.vfs that throw VFIOException
 boolean VirtualFile.addDeadProperty(DeadProperty prop)
          adds the given dead property to the file's dead properties.
protected static void VFSHelpers.checkPathElement(java.lang.String element)
          checks a path element for maximum length and illegal characters.
protected static void VFSHelpers.checkURI(java.net.URI uri)
          checks, if the given URI matches the expected syntax for URI referring to VirtualFiles.
protected static java.net.URI VirtualFile.cleanURI(java.net.URI uri)
          cleans a VFS URI.
 java.util.List<VirtualFile> VirtualFile.getChildren()
          returns the children of the VirtualFile, if it is a directory.
 VFInputStream VirtualFileSystem.getInputStream(VirtualFile file)
          provides an InputStream to read the VirtualFile .
 VFOutputStream VirtualFileSystem.getOutputStream(VirtualFile file, User user)
          provides an OutputStream to write the VirtualFile.
 boolean VirtualFileSystem.mkdir(VirtualFile dir, User user)
          creates a new directory.

Constructors in org.torweg.pulse.vfs that throw VFIOException
VirtualFile(User acc, java.net.URI p)
          constructs a new VirtualFile for the given URI with the given User as the accessor.

Uses of VFIOException in org.torweg.pulse.webdav.util

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.webdav.util that throw VFIOException
 void DeadProperty.patch(DeadProperty prop)
          patches the property with the given other property.
 void DeadProperty.patch(org.jdom.Element prop)
          patches the property with the given property XML.