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Package org.torweg.pulse.util.time

is a collection of classes related to time.


Interface Summary
IHasDuration Implementing classes provide the following method(s): Duration getDuration() .

Class Summary
CalendarJAXBOutputWrapper A wrapper for outputting Calendars via JAXB.
CalendarSheet A result representing a "calendar sheet" for a month including the days "before the start" and "after the end" of the requested month which are required to complete the full week.
CalendarSheet.CalendarSheetDay Represents a day within the CalendarSheet based on the underlying Duration.
Duration represents a duration in time.
DurationSplitter Utility class for splitting a Duration by a Period.
HTTPDate utility to produce HTTP date string conformant to RFCs 2068, 822, 1123.
IHasDurationComparator A Comparator<IHasDuration> compares two given IHasDurations.
TimeSpan represents a time span in human readable format.

Enum Summary
CalendarSheet.CalendarSheetDay.SelectionMode The selection mode of the current CalendarSheetDay.
IHasDurationComparator.Mode The values for the mode of the IHasDurationComparator.
IHasDurationComparator.Order The values for the duration order of the IHasDurationComparator.
MillisecondConstant Defines millisecond constants for: second minute hour day week month (30 days) year (365 days)
MillisecondConstant.ScrollDirection Defines constants for scroll-direction as used by MillisecondConstant.scroll(long, MillisecondConstant, ScrollDirection) .
Period Defines constant values representing periods for working with Durations.
Period.Level The known levels.
Period.Scroll The known values for scrolling Durations.
TimeSpan.TimeConstant the time constants.

Exception Summary
TimeUtilityException An Exception to be thrown on errors scrolling Durations by Period.

Package org.torweg.pulse.util.time Description

is a collection of classes related to time. All classes are JAXB2 compatible.