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Package org.torweg.pulse.util

is a collection of useful basic classes of general use.


Interface Summary
HibernateDataSource The Interface for the HibernateDataSource.
INameable an interface for objects with a name that can be accessed and set.
INamed an interface for objects with a name.

Class Summary
ClassComperator a Comparator which compares classes by their full qualified name.
HibernateDataSourceImpl Implementation of the HibernateDataSource.
IteratorEnumerationBridge<E> a bridge between Iterator and Enumeration.
LocaleUtils utility methods for working with Locales.
LocaleUtils.LocaleComparator Comparator comparing locales by their String representations.
MimeMap a mapping of file extensions to MIME types.
MySQL5InnoDBDialectUTF8 an extension to the MySQL5InnoDBDialect from HibernateTM forcing UTF-8 charset and UTF-8 binary collation.
NamedComparator a flexible Comparator for INamed, internally using a Collator.
StringUtils contains static utitity methods which are useful, when working with Strings.
StringUtils.StringElementIterator Simple ListIterator&lt;String&gt; that operates on a String split by a regex.

Package org.torweg.pulse.util Description

is a collection of useful basic classes of general use.

HibernateDataSource is the standard connector to Hibernate for the pulse container. A HibernateDataSource can be obtained by Lifecycle.getHibernateDataSource().

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