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Package org.torweg.pulse.site.content

is the main management model for the websites Content.


Interface Summary
IAdministerSitemap An interface to be added to Contents which have to manipulate or manage the Sitemap on being added/removed.
IHasAlternativeImages tagging interface for contents with main and alternative image groups.
IHasMainImage tagging interface for contents with a main image group.
IHasVariants tagging interface for entities with variants.

Class Summary
AbstractBasicContentConfig global configuration for AbstractBasicContent.
AbstractBasicVariant<T extends AbstractBasicVariant<T>>  
AbstractContentDisplayer abstract base class for content displayers.
AbstractContentGroup TODO.
AbstractRegistryNode a AbstractRegistryNode is an entry in the websites ContentRegistry.
AbstractSummaryDescriptionVariant<T extends AbstractSummaryDescriptionVariant<T>>  
Attachment represents an Attachment to a Content, where Attachments are entities for downloads.
Content An abstract base class for Contents referenced by a View in the Sitemap.
ContentFolderNode a Node in the ContentRegistry representing a Bundle .
ContentGroup Is used for displaying content-overview-pages (content-group).
ContentLocalizationMap marks a set of Contents to be localizations of each other.
ContentNode a ContentNode is an entry in the websites ContentRegistry which can hold Content.
ContentRegistry The base of the ContentRegistry.
ContentResult a Result used to display Content.
FileContent A FileContent is a Content that represents a VirtualFile.
Localized represents a Localized in the staindoctor model.
RegistryBundleNode a Node in the ContentRegistry representing a Bundle .
RegistryLocaleNode a subdivision of the ContentRegistry representing a Locale.
URLContent An URLContent represents a Content which simply provides a URL, e.g. for providing an external link via the menu.
Variant<T extends Variant<?>> An abstract base class for Variants.

Exception Summary
InconsistentLocalizationException an exception which signals an inconsistency when working on ContentLocalizationMaps.

Package org.torweg.pulse.site.content Description

is the main management model for the websites Content.

Views associate SitemapNodes witch Content.

Content is a basic abstract implementation for Hibernate backed Contents.

Whereas the ContentRegistry is used to manage all Contents of the web application's Bundles.