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Package org.torweg.pulse.service.request

contains interfaces and implementations that deal with the decoding of a request.


Interface Summary
IUploadedFile A wrapper for uploaded files.
ServiceRequest The request sent to the service.
ServiceSession The ServiceSession associated with the request to the pulse service.
SessionBindingListener Classes implementing this interface will receive a notification when they are bound or unbound to the ServiceSession.

Class Summary
AcceptLanguages The parsed accept-languages header.
AcceptLanguages.Value a single comparable accept-language value.
Command implements a Command used to control the pulse container.
CommandBuilder used to build Commands.
Cookie is a small amount of information stored by the client's browser.
HttpBoundSession The HttpBoundSession associated with the request to the pulse service.
Locale defines a locale for the pulse system.
LocaleManager manages the registered locales and maps user locales to the best matching registered locale.
MetaData a container for per request meta-data.
Parameter is an entity representing a Parameter which may have a set of values.
ServiceRequestImpl The request sent to the service.
ServiceRequestImplConfig is the object implementation of the ServiceRequestImpl configuration.
ServiceRequestImplConfig.FileUploadConfig the file upload configuration.
ServiceRequestImplConfig.LocaleManagerConfiguration the configuration of the locale manager.
ServiceRequestImplConfig.SpiderConfiguration represents a spider configuration.
UploadedFile A container for an uploaded file with a static method to process all file uploads in a ServiceRequestImpl.
UploadProgress represents the progress of a file upload.

Enum Summary
CacheMode sets the cache level for a response sent back via HTTP.
IUploadedFile.AutoDelete enumerates the auto delete states.

Exception Summary
CommandURIParseException Exception for handling parse-failures on the command-string.
Cookie.ImmutableException an exception to be thrown upon attempts to make modifications to a Cookie which is read from the ServiceRequest.
UnparsableRequestException indicates that a request to the pulse servlet is not parsable.

Package org.torweg.pulse.service.request Description

contains interfaces and implementations that deal with the decoding of a request.

Classes of interest to the programmer are: