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Uses of Class

Packages that use Locale
org.torweg.pulse.invocation.lifecycle provides the Lifecycle and associated resources. 
org.torweg.pulse.service.request contains interfaces and implementations that deal with the decoding of a request. 

Uses of Locale in org.torweg.pulse.invocation.lifecycle

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.invocation.lifecycle that return types with arguments of type Locale
protected  java.util.Collection<Locale> Lifecycle.getLocalesDirectly()
          used by some Lifecycle tasks.

Method parameters in org.torweg.pulse.invocation.lifecycle with type arguments of type Locale
protected static java.util.Collection<java.util.Locale> Lifecycle.convertLocaleList(java.util.Collection<Locale> collection, boolean onlyActive)
          converts the given list of org.torweg.pulse.service.request.Locale to a list of java.util.Locale.

Uses of Locale in org.torweg.pulse.service.request

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.service.request that return Locale
 Locale ServiceRequestImplConfig.LocaleManagerConfiguration.getDefaultLocale()
          returns the default locale, if set.

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.service.request that return types with arguments of type Locale
 java.util.Collection<Locale> Locale.getAliases()
 java.util.Collection<Locale> ServiceRequestImplConfig.LocaleManagerConfiguration.getLocales()
          returns the locales configured for the locale manager.
 java.util.Collection<Locale> LocaleManager.getLocales()
          returns the configured locales.

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.service.request with parameters of type Locale
 void Locale.addAlias(Locale alias)
          adds an alias for the locale.
static java.util.Locale LocaleManager.localeToLocale(Locale l)
          builds a java.util.Locale matching an org.torweg.pulse.service.Locale.