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Uses of Class

Packages that use IUploadedFile.AutoDelete
org.torweg.pulse.service.request contains interfaces and implementations that deal with the decoding of a request. 

Uses of IUploadedFile.AutoDelete in org.torweg.pulse.service.request

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.service.request that return IUploadedFile.AutoDelete
 IUploadedFile.AutoDelete UploadedFile.getAutoDelete()
          returns the auto-delete mode.
 IUploadedFile.AutoDelete IUploadedFile.getAutoDelete()
          returns the auto-delete mode.
static IUploadedFile.AutoDelete IUploadedFile.AutoDelete.valueOf(java.lang.String name)
          Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
static IUploadedFile.AutoDelete[] IUploadedFile.AutoDelete.values()
          Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they're declared.

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.service.request with parameters of type IUploadedFile.AutoDelete
 void UploadedFile.setAutoDelete(IUploadedFile.AutoDelete ad)
          sets the auto-delete mode.
 void IUploadedFile.setAutoDelete(IUploadedFile.AutoDelete ad)
          sets the auto-delete mode.