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Package org.torweg.pulse.configuration

contains the main and base configuration elements of pulse.


Interface Summary
ConfigBean Interface for ConfigBeans.
Configurable<T extends Configuration> allows configuration via a JAXB enabled subclass of Configuration.
DeprecatedConfigurable Deprecated.

Class Summary
AbstractConfigBean abstract base class for ConfigBeans.
Configuration is the base class of all Configurations.
EmailAddressConfiguration A configuration for an email address.
EmailConfiguration A configuration for an email.
FormConfiguration A configuration for a form.
FormConfiguration.FormFieldConfiguration A configuration for a form field.
JNDILookupConfiguration defines the configuration for a named object in JNDI.
LocaleMappedConfiguration<V> Provides Locale-based mapping for configurations.
LocaleMappedConfiguration.LocaleMappedConfigurationEntry<V> The LocaleMappedConfigurationEntry as used by LocaleMappedConfiguration.
MappedConfiguration<K,V> Provides key-based mapping for configurations.
MappedConfiguration.MappedConfigurationEntry<K,V> The MappedConfigurationEntry as used by MappedConfiguration.
PoorMansCache a simple cache for configurations stored in ConfigBeans and XSL stylesheets.
PoorMansCacheConfiguration configuration for the PoorMansCache, configuring the VFS cache.
VFSFileCache a simple in memory cache for VirtualFiles used by PoorMansCache.
XSLHandleConfiguration configuration for an XSLHandle.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException is an Exception indicating configuration problems.

Package org.torweg.pulse.configuration Description

contains the main and base configuration elements of pulse.

These implementations are deprecated:

ConfigBean and AbstractConfigBean build the base for all configurable classes. ConfigBeans are used to provide an object oriented access to a configuration.

The LocalCache and its implementation PoorMansCache are used to cache configurations and other resources for quick access.