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Package org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics

Contains the controller for the recording of the statistical datathe job for aggregating the recorded datathe job for sending an report email based on the aggregated data.


Class Summary
DataAggregationJoblet Aggregates the statistical data - the PIRecords and stores the aggregation results to AbstractAggregations.
DataAggregationJobletConfiguration The Configuration of the DataAggregationJoblet.
DataAggregationJobletErrorMailResult The result being used for the error email notification on errors during the execution of the DataAggregationJoblet.
PageImpressionRecorder takes care of recording a page impression.
SendReportEmailJoblet Sends report e-mails according to SendReportEmailJobletConfiguration.
SendReportEmailJoblet.ReportPDFResult Result collection container.
SendReportEmailJoblet.ReportPDFResultMap An own JAXB-enabled pseudo map implementation which provides no more functionality than required by this Joblet plus JAXB marshalling.
SendReportEmailJoblet.ReportPDFResultMap.Entry An Entry for the ReportPDFResultMap.
SendReportEmailJobletConfiguration The Configuration of the SendReportEmailJoblet.
SendReportEmailJobletConfiguration.ReportEmailAddressConfiguration Configures per email address: the StatisticsServers the types of the reports per StatisticsServer for the recipient.
SendReportEmailJobletConfiguration.ReportEmailAddressConfiguration.ReportEmailServerConfiguration Configures the report types by identifier name per server host name.
SendReportEmailJobletConfiguration.ReporterConfiguration Maps the class name of a report controller IStatisticsPDFReportController to an identifier name.

Package org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics Description