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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ICount
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation Contains all the entities required for storing the results of the aggregators run by the DataAggregationJoblet
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.view Contains the controllers for initialising the statistics west panel within the website administration UI displaying the statistical information within the pulse website administration UIgenerating statistical reports. 

Uses of ICount in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation

Classes in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation that implement ICount
 class AbstractCountAggregation
          Abstract bass class representing a basic AbstractAggregation providing additional counter functionality.
 class AbstractRegexVersionedCounter<T extends AbstractAggregation>
          An abstract base class to derive a statistical data aggregation entity aggregating RegexVersions from.
 class AbstractRegexVersionedCounterAggregation<T,U extends AbstractRegexVersionedCounter<?>>
          An abstract base class to derive the actual aggregation for an AbstractRegexVersioned from.
 class AverageTimePerVisitAggregation
          Aggregates Visits and stores information about the average time spent on a "per Visit" basis for the set Duration.
 class CountryHitCounter
          Maps a counter to a country.
 class CountryPerPIRecordAggregation
          Aggregates the "countries" from the given Visit for a day per PIRecord for the set Duration.
 class CountryPerVisitAggregation
          Aggregates the "countries" on a "per Visit" basis for the set Duration.
 class OperatingSystemPerVisitAggregation
          The actual implementation of AbstractRegexVersionedCounterAggregation which stores the aggregated statistical data about OperatingSystems on a "per Visit" basis for the set Duration.
 class OperatingSystemVersionCounter
          The actual implementation of AbstractRegexVersionedCounter for storing the aggregated data about a version of an OperatingSystem, represented by a RegexVersion.
 class PIRecordCountAggregation
          Aggregates the daily hits (page impressions as represented by PIRecords) per Visit being aggregated on a "per Hour" basis for the set Duration.
 class PIRecordCountAggregationHitCounter
          The hit counter of the PIRecordCountAggregation.
 class ScreenResolutionPerVisitAggregation
          Stores the aggregated statistical data for ScreenResolution on a "per Visit" basis for the set Duration.
 class UserAgentPerVisitAggregation
          Stores information about the "user-agent" as aggregated by UserAgentPerVisitAggregator on a "per Visit" basis for the set Duration.
 class UserAgentVersionCounter
          The actual implementation of AbstractRegexVersionedCounterLocaleManager for storing the aggregated data about a version of an UserAgentLocaleManager, represented by a RegexVersionLocaleManager.
 class VisitCountAggregation
          Aggregates the given Visits for the set Duration.

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation with parameters of type ICount
 int ICountComparator.compare(ICount o1, ICount o2)
          Compares the given ICounts and returns the comparison result according to the internal order.

Uses of ICount in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.view

Classes in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.view that implement ICount
protected static class OverViewControllerResultData.CountryData
          JAXB-enabled utility for displaying country information.