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Packages that use AbstractCountAggregation
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation Contains all the entities required for storing the results of the aggregators run by the DataAggregationJoblet

Uses of AbstractCountAggregation in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation

Subclasses of AbstractCountAggregation in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.model.aggregation
 class PIRecordCountAggregation
          Aggregates the daily hits (page impressions as represented by PIRecords) per Visit being aggregated on a "per Hour" basis for the set Duration.
 class ScreenResolutionPerVisitAggregation
          Stores the aggregated statistical data for ScreenResolution on a "per Visit" basis for the set Duration.
 class VisitCountAggregation
          Aggregates the given Visits for the set Duration.