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Package org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.aggregator

Contains the aggregators for the DataAggregationJoblet.


Class Summary
AbstractAggregator<T extends AbstractAggregation> An abstract base class to derive aggregators from.
AbstractBaseAggregator Abstract base-class to derive an aggregation for the DataAggregationJoblet from.
AbstractRegexVersionedPerVisitAggregator<T extends AbstractRegexVersioned,U extends AbstractRegexVersionedCounterAggregation<?,?>> Passes the given Visit to &lt;T&gt; and stores the result of the aggregation to &lt;U&gt; on a per Visit basis.
AverageTimePerVisitAggregator Aggregates information about the "average time per Visit".
CountryPerPIRecordAggregator Aggregates the country-hits per PIRecords of the given Visit.
CountryPerVisitAggregator Aggregates the country-hits per Visit.
OperatingSystemPerVisitAggregator Aggregates information about the OperatingSystem.
PathTreeAggregator Aggregates "path-information" and "path-related information" from the given Visit.
PathTreeAggregator.TreeAggregationUtil Tree used for intermediate storage of aggregated values during aggregation of PIRecords.
PathTreeAggregator.TreeAggregationUtil.AggregationTreeNode An AggregationTreeNode represents a node in the TreeAggregationUtil.
PIRecordCountAggregator Aggregates the hits per day.
RefererTreeAggregator Aggregates "referrer information" from the given Visit.
ScreenResolutionPerVisitAggregator Aggregates statistical information about ScreenResolutions.
UserAgentPerVisitAggregator Aggregates information about the UserAgent.
VisitCountAggregator Aggregates the visits per day.

Package org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.aggregator Description

Contains the aggregators for the DataAggregationJoblet.