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Class PriceUpdateController

  extended by org.torweg.pulse.bundle.Controller
      extended by org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.util.PriceUpdateController

public class PriceUpdateController
extends Controller

contains utilities to update the prices of ShopContents.

Editing a price list

All editing of the price list must only be made on the first sheet ("products"). The sheets "price groups" and "info" must not be modified!

The "products" sheet

Please do not change the ordering of the columns or the price list cannot be re-imported.

The columns A ("Type"), B ("ID") must not be edited. They are used to identify affected products and prices. The columns C ("Order code") and E ("Name") contain the EAN code and the product names and are included for your convenience. They are ignored during the import.

Column D ("Keywords") is used for updating the keywords of ShopContents, i.e. if the "Type" column contains a class which is ShopContent or a sub class of ShopContent.

The editable price information of the product sheet starts with column F. The information for individual prices is located in groups of two columns:

Prices which are followed by the "inherited" keyword in the next column are ignored during import. If you want to change such a price, you will have to clear the cell containing the "inherited" keyword.

Price amounts have to be numeric cells or the import will fail.

$Revision: 2026 $
Thomas Weber

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void getPriceList(ServiceRequest request)
          produces an Excel workbook with all products using the bundle and locale of the current request.
 PriceUpdateResult updatePrices(ServiceRequest request)
          updates prices based on a given price-list.
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Constructor Detail


public PriceUpdateController()
Method Detail


@Action(value="updateFromPriceList", generate=true, uploadAllowed=true)
public final PriceUpdateResult updatePrices(ServiceRequest request)
updates prices based on a given price-list.

request - the request
the price update result


@Action(value="getPriceList", generate=true)
public final void getPriceList(ServiceRequest request)
produces an Excel workbook with all products using the bundle and locale of the current request. Both Locale (parameter locale) and Bundle (parameter bundle) can be overridden. If passed as parameter shopSettingsId, it overrides bundle and locale settings.

request - the request