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Package org.torweg.pulse.component.core

is the core component bundle.


Class Summary
CommandGenerator is a Controller which generates Commands based on the configuration stored in its ConfigBean.
CommandGeneratorConfig list the commands for the CommandGenerator.
CommandGeneratorResult The result of the CommandGenerator controller.
HomepageRedirector redirects to the first visible SitemapNode in the current Locale.
HomepageRedirector.GoToHomepageRequest a simple request bean for locales.
LocalizationLocator attempts to find a matching localisation for the SitemapNode defined in the Command.
RuleBasedRedirector allows rule based redirects.
RuleBasedRedirectorConfig configuration for RuleBasedRedirector.
RuleBasedRedirectorConfig.Rule represents a redirect rule.
UploadProgressCheck allows to access the progress of form based file uploads.

Package org.torweg.pulse.component.core Description

is the core component bundle.

TODO: explain