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Package org.torweg.pulse.component.cms

is the content management bundle.


Interface Summary
ICMSFormProcessorTask Defines a task which is to be executed on successful validation of the form by CMSFormProcessor.

Class Summary
AbstractCMSFormProcessorMailTaskEmailData<T extends AbstractCMSFormProcessorMailTaskEmailData<?>> Abstract base-class to derive a data-Object for the e-mail/s being sent by CMSFormProcessorMailTask.
CMSContentDisplayer is used to display CMSContents.
CMSFormMailer is a Controller to convert an HTML form to an e-mail.
CMSFormMailerConfig is used to configure the CMSFormMailer.
CMSFormMailerResult .
CMSFormProcessor Does form-processing for forms built-in in CMSContents.
CMSFormProcessorConfiguration The Configuration of the CMSFormProcessor.
CMSFormProcessorConfiguration.Case A case of the CMSFormProcessorConfiguration.
CMSFormProcessorConfiguration.Condition A check-Condition.
CMSFormProcessorMailTaskConfiguration The Configuration of the CMSFormProcessorMailTask.
CMSFormProcessorMailTaskConfiguration.EmailFromRequestConfiguration Configures if/how to handle an email-address from request.
CMSFormProcessorMailTaskConfiguration.MailCase A case of the CMSFormProcessorMailTaskConfiguration.
CMSFormProcessorMailTaskConfiguration.MailCaseEmailConfiguration Simply extends the EmailConfiguration by a boolean flag, which determines whether the MailCaseEmailConfiguration is the default EmailConfiguration.
CMSFormProcessorMailTaskEmailDataDefaultImpl Default implementation of AbstractCMSFormProcessorMailTaskEmailData providing the current Command and the current User from the current ServiceRequest.
CMSFormProcessorMailTaskEmailError Wraps a Throwable as AbstractCMSFormProcessorMailTaskEmailData for usage with the CMSFormProcessorMailTaskResult.
CMSFormProcessorMailTaskResult The result of the CMSFormProcessorMailTask.
CMSFormProcessorTaskResult Basic result for a ICMSFormProcessorTask.

Enum Summary
CMSFormProcessorConfiguration.Condition.CheckType The known CheckTypes for the Condition.

Package org.torweg.pulse.component.cms Description

is the content management bundle.

TODO: explain