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Package org.torweg.pulse.bundle

contains the basic classes which make up a Bundle in the pulse container.


Interface Summary
ExtendedJDOMable is implemented by classes which can produce an extended JDOM deserialisation, if they are given the current ServiceRequest.
JDOMable is an interface for classes which can be deserialised to an org.jdom.Element.
Result is a data structure containing the results of a call to a Controller.

Class Summary
ActionConfiguration contains the method configurations for an action.
Bundle a bundle in the pulse web application framework.
BundleResult the BundleResult is used to collect all subresults of a Bundle during a single execution.
Controller is the base class for all Controllers of pulse.
ControllerMethodConfiguration stores information regarding the execution of a specific Method in a Controller.
ControllerMethodConfiguration.MemberInfo collects information for members of request beans.
JDOMResult a Result encapsulating a JDOM Content.
ResultSet A collection entity for Results.

Enum Summary
Controller.AlwaysRun enumerates the different settings for AlwaysRun.
ControllerMethodConfiguration.MemberInfo.InjectType defines the injection types.

Exception Summary
IllegalEventException This class is a superclass for all errors and Exceptions that may occur while handling Events.
JobletSchedulerException An Exception thrown by the JobletScheduler.

Package org.torweg.pulse.bundle Description

contains the basic classes which make up a Bundle in the pulse container.

Bundle represents an application and/or component of the pulse container.

The Result interface defines a common data structure for results produced by the different Controllers of a Bundle.

The BundleResult is a collection of Results produced by different Controllers within a single Bundle.

The EventManager is both a container for Events produced by the components of a Bundle and the processor of these Events. For an implementation see EventManagerImpl.

Event is the interface for all Events, which can be store in and be processed by the EventManager. Some predefined Events can be found in org.torweg.pulse.service.event.