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Uses of Class

Packages that use Controller
org.torweg.pulse.bundle contains the basic classes which make up a Bundle in the pulse container. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.cms is the content management bundle. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.cms.admin contains the components to integrate the CMS into the website's administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core is the core component bundle. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol is the user and rights administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.admin is the user and rights administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.attributes.admin administrative controllers for attributes. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.vfs.admin administrative controllers for virtual file system's rights management. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.adminui Controllers for integral parts of the administrative user interface. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.contentregistry Controllers for working with the ContentRegistry and with content's which extend AbstractBasicContent
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.qc contains tools for the quality control of a website. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site is the view administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content TODO: explain 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter Controllers for displaying FilterContent
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter.admin contains the components to integrate Filters and FilterContents into the website's administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.map is the sitemap administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.search TODO: explain 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.view Controllers for the administration of Views. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.system system utilities. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop is dependent upon the Store bundle (org.torweg.pulse.component.store). 
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.admin all editors of the pulse-website-administration for the shop can be found within this package. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.util Contains utilities for the shop. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics Contains the controller for the recording of the statistical datathe job for aggregating the recorded datathe job for sending an report email based on the aggregated data. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.user Contains the controller(s) required for displaying the statistical information about Users. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.view Contains the controllers for initialising the statistics west panel within the website administration UI displaying the statistical information within the pulse website administration UIgenerating statistical reports. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.store is the e-store bundle. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.store.admin contains the components to integrate the Store into the website's administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.survey contains the main controller including its configuration and result used by the survey bundle. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin Contains basic utility controllers/configurations for use within the pulse website-administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin.cleanup Contains basic utility controllers/configurations to perform clean-ups in the pulse administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative Contains the RepresentativeDisplayer. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative.admin Contains the main-controller for the pulse-website-administration of the utility representative-package. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.retailer.admin Contains the main-controller for the pulse-website-administration of the utility retailer-package. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.util.vfs TODO: explain 
org.torweg.pulse.site.content is the main management model for the websites Content
org.torweg.pulse.site.content.admin Contains the basic controllers, configurations, and results to work with content. 

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.bundle

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.bundle that return Controller
 Controller ControllerMethodConfiguration.getController()

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.bundle that return types with arguments of type Controller
 java.util.List<Controller> Bundle.getControllers()

Constructors in org.torweg.pulse.bundle with parameters of type Controller
ControllerMethodConfiguration(Controller c, java.lang.reflect.Method m)
          creates a new ControllerMethodConfiguration for the given Controller and Method.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.cms

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.cms
 class CMSContentDisplayer
          is used to display CMSContents.
 class CMSFormMailer
          is a Controller to convert an HTML form to an e-mail.
 class CMSFormProcessor
          Does form-processing for forms built-in in CMSContents.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.cms.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.cms.admin
 class CMSContentEditor
          the editor for the CMSContent as used by the ext-admin.
 class CMSContentRegistryEditor
          the CMSContentRegistryEditor of the CMS-Bundle.
 class CMSPageEditor
          the editor for a CMS Page.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core
 class CommandGenerator
          is a Controller which generates Commands based on the configuration stored in its ConfigBean.
 class HomepageRedirector
          redirects to the first visible SitemapNode in the current Locale.
 class LocalizationLocator
          attempts to find a matching localisation for the SitemapNode defined in the Command.
 class RuleBasedRedirector
          allows rule based redirects.
 class UploadProgressCheck
          allows to access the progress of form based file uploads.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol
 class SignUpController
          TODO: refactor to this to NotLoggedInUserSelfEditor performs the sign-up-process.
 class UserSelfEditController
          TODO: refactor to this to LoggedInUserSelfEditor manages the self-edit of a User.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.admin
 class AbstractAccessControlEditor
          Base-class to derive access-control-editors from.
 class AccessControlEditor
          Initializes the WEST-Panel for the access-control of the pulse -web-site-administration.
 class CommandMatcherEditor
          the editor for the CommandMatchers of a Permission.
 class GroupEditor
          the editor for a Group of the access-control.
 class PermissionEditor
          the editor for a Permission of the access-control.
 class RoleEditor
 class UserEditor
          the editor for a User of the access-control.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.attributes.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.attributes.admin
 class AttributeRegistryEditor
          the main-controller of the AttributeRegistry.
 class SubEditorSelectionAttribute

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.vfs.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.accesscontrol.vfs.admin
 class VFSPermissionEditor
          is part of the access-control of the pulse-website-administration.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.adminui

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.adminui
 class FCKEditorBrowser
 class FileBrowser

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.contentregistry

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.contentregistry
 class ContentGroupEditor
          The editor for a ContentGroup within the administration.
 class CoreContentRegistryEditor
 class FileContentEditor
          the editor for a FileContent within the administration.
 class URLContentEditor
          the editor for a URLContent within the administration.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.qc

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.qc
 class SearchEngineQualityControl
          checks the contents of a SitemapNode or a given URL for search engine optimization criteria.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site
 class LocaleCopy
          is a Controller which creates a copy of the content registry and the sitemap of a given <em>sourceLocale</em> to the given <em>targetLocale</em>.
 class SitemapManipulator
          Performs tasks to manipulate the Sitemap.
 class StyleController
 class ThemesController
          is used to include themes into the website's layout as well as to access a theme's configuration via AJAX.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content
 class CoreContentDisplayer
          Displays contents from Core bundle.
 class URLContentDisplayer
          displayer for URLContent.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter
 class FilterContentDisplayer
          Is used to display FilterContents.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.content.filter.admin
 class FilterContentEditor
          the edtior for a FilterContent.
 class FilterEditor
          the editor for the Filters.
 class FilterMatchesEditor
 class FilterRulesEditor
          the editor for the filter-rules.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.map

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.map
 class GetFullSitemap
          builds the complete Sitemap for the Locale of the ServiceRequest.
 class SitemapEditor
          the editor for the Sitemap.
 class SitemapMenuController
          displays the visible part of the Sitemap for the Locale of the current ServiceRequest.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.search

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.search
 class SearchSite
          a simple controller to use the site-wide full-text search.
 class SearchSiteSuggestions
          returns the SearchSuggestions for the query in a JSONOutputEvent.
 class SiteSearchRebuild
          rebuilds the main search index for Contents attached to a Sitemap.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.view

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.view
 class StyleEditor
          the StyleEditor for the view-editor of the administration.
 class ThemesEditor
          the editor for the themes that can be assigned to a sitemapnode.
 class ViewEditor
          the editor for a SitemapNodes View.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.system

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.system
 class HibernateStatistics
          creates statistics for the HibernateTM SessionFactory used by pulse.
 class InitWebsiteAdministration
          initializes the administration of the web-site.
 class Status
          implements a status controller useful for monitoring a website.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop
 class ShopContentDisplayer
          is used to display ShopContents.
 class ShoppingCartController
          controls the ShoppingCart.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.admin
 class ShopContentEditor
 class ShopContentRegistryEditor
          the ShopContentRegistryEditor of the Shop-Bundle.
 class ShopOrderViewer
          A "viewer" for shop-Orders.
 class ShopSettingsEditor
          The editor of the ShopSettings as used by the pulse web-site-administration.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.checkout

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.checkout
 class CheckoutController
          The CheckoutController.
 class InvoicePaymentController
          The InvoicePaymentController.
 class PayPalPaymentController
          The PayPalPaymentController.
 class WirecardCCPaymentController
          The WirecardCCPaymentController.
 class WirecardEFTPaymentController
          The WirecardEFTPaymentController.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.util

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop.util
 class PriceUpdateController
          contains utilities to update the prices of ShopContents.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics
 class PageImpressionRecorder
          takes care of recording a page impression.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.user

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.user
 class UserStatisticsController
          Displays statistical information about Users.
 class UserStatisticsGFXController
          Extends the UserStatisticsController by charting functionality (created with JFreeChartTM).
 class UserStatisticsPDFController
          Extends the UserStatisticsGFXController by reporting functionality (creates a PDF).

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.view

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.statistics.view
 class AbstractStatisticsController<T extends AbstractStatisticsViewControllerConfiguration,U extends AbstractStatisticsViewControllerResult<?>>
          Abstract base-class to derive a pulse website administration "view" for the statistics component from.
 class AbstractStatisticsViewController<T extends AbstractStatisticsViewControllerConfiguration,U extends AbstractStatisticsViewControllerResultData,V extends AbstractStatisticsViewControllerResult<U>>
          Abstract base-class to derive a "view" for statistical data from.
 class GroupAnalysisViewController
          Provides the data for the "group analysis view" of the pulse website administration UI of the statistics component.
 class GroupAnalysisViewDegunkController
          Provides methods to degunk the group analysis tree from within the pulse website administration: remove a specific PathTreeElement from the group analysis tree remove all child PathTreeElements - if they are a leaf PathTreeElement - from a specific PathTreeElement .
 class GroupAnalysisViewReportController
          Provides reporting functionality for the statistics group analysis view.
 class OverViewController
          Provides the data for the "overview view" of the pulse website administration UI of the statistics component.
 class OverViewGFXController
          Extends the OverViewController with charting abilities based on the data as provided by the OverViewController (created with JFreeChartTM).
 class OverViewReportController
          Provides reporting functionality for the statistics overview.
 class RefererAnalysisViewController
          Manages the "referer analysis tree" view of the pulse website administration UI of the statistics component.
 class RefererAnalysisViewReportController
          Provides reporting functionality for the statistics overview.
 class TechnicalInformationViewController
 class TechnicalInformationViewReportController
          Provides reporting functionality for the statistics technical information view.
 class TimeAnalysisViewController
          Provides the data for the "time analysis view" of the pulse website administration UI of the statistics component.
 class TimeAnalysisViewGFXController
          Extends the TimeAnalysisViewController with charting abilities based on the data as provided by the TimeAnalysisViewController (created with JFreeChartTM).
 class TimeAnalysisViewReportController
          Provides reporting functionality for the statistics time analysis view.
 class WestPanelController
          Initialises the west-panel of the statistics within the pulse website-administration.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.store

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.store
 class StoreContentDisplayer
          is used to display StoreContents.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.store.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.store.admin
 class StoreContentEditor
          the editor for a StoreContent within the administration.
 class StoreContentImageGroupEditor
          the editor for a StoreContentImageGroup.
 class StoreContentRegistryEditor
          the StoreContentRegistryEditor of the Store-Bundle.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.survey

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.survey
 class SurveyController
          Executes Surveys (according to their settings).
 class SurveyCreatorController
          Creates and persists a Survey from the given Configuration.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin
 class Editor
          Base-class to derive util-Controllers from.
 class InitWestPanelController
          This Controller is only used to produces an AJAX-result to initialise a west-panel with.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin.cleanup

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.admin.cleanup
 class CleanSitemapAndContentRegistry

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative
 class RepresentativeDisplayer
          is used to display Representatives.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.representative.admin
 class RepresentativeEditor
          The main editor for the pulse website-administration of the Representative utility package.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.retailer.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.retailer.admin
 class RetailerEditor
          The main editor for the pulse website-administration of the Retailer utility package.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.vfs

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.component.util.vfs
 class VFSImporter
          is an import tool for the VirtualFileSystem.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.site.content

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.site.content
 class AbstractContentDisplayer
          abstract base class for content displayers.

Uses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.site.content.admin

Subclasses of Controller in org.torweg.pulse.site.content.admin
 class AbstractBasicContentEditor
          provides a set of basic editor methods for AbstractBasicContent.
 class AbstractContentRegistryEditor
          The main, abstract ContentRegistryEditor to derive the ContentRegistryEditors for the Bundles from.