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Uses of Class

Packages that use AnyAction
org.torweg.pulse.component.core is the core component bundle. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site is the view administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.map is the sitemap administration. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.view Controllers for the administration of Views. 
org.torweg.pulse.component.shop is dependent upon the Store bundle (org.torweg.pulse.component.store). 

Uses of AnyAction in org.torweg.pulse.component.core

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.component.core with annotations of type AnyAction
 java.lang.Object RuleBasedRedirector.check(ServiceRequest request)
          checks whether one of the defined rules matches the current request.
 CommandGeneratorResult CommandGenerator.run(Bundle bundle, ServiceRequest request)
          builds the command links defined in the controllers config.

Uses of AnyAction in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site with annotations of type AnyAction
 StyleControllerResult StyleController.getStyles(ServiceRequest request)
          adds the style-configuration to the result.
 JDOMResult ThemesController.getTheme(Bundle bundle, ServiceRequest request)
          gets the theme for the current request.

Uses of AnyAction in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.map

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.map with annotations of type AnyAction
 MenuResult SitemapMenuController.run(ServiceRequest request)
          displays the visible part of the Sitemap for the Locale of the current ServiceRequest.

Uses of AnyAction in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.view

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.component.core.site.view with annotations of type AnyAction
 ThemesEditorResult ThemesEditor.findTheme(Bundle bundle, ServiceRequest request)

Uses of AnyAction in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop

Methods in org.torweg.pulse.component.shop with annotations of type AnyAction
 ShoppingCartResult ShoppingCartController.displayCart(Bundle bundle, ServiceRequest request)
          displays the current ShoppingCart except one of the AJAX actions of this Controller is called.