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Package org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol

controls the access to Bundles and their Controllers.


Class Summary
AbstractAccessControlObject Defines JSON-support and helper-methods for entities in the access-control.
AbstractUserBase abstract base for User containing all utility methods.
ChangeEmailRequest intermediate storage for a pending email-address-change of a User.
ChangePasswordRequest intermediate token-storage-object which is being used during a pending password-change of a User.
CommandMatcher A CommandMatcher is an entity used to restrict the execution of Commands.
Group A Group is an entity used to group Permissions and Users.
Permission A Permission is an entity used to restrict the excecution of Commands.
PreliminaryUser a preliminary user that has not yet completed the sign-up-process.
Role A Role is an entity used to combine Groups and Permissions, in order to reduce the number of Group s and Permissions, that have to be assigned to a certain User.
User A User is an entity representing a user in the pulse container.
User.Everybody is a dummy User used for non-logged-in users to provide them the "~Everybody" Role for access checks.
UserAttribute Deprecated.

Enum Summary
User.State the state of the User.

Package org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol Description

controls the access to Bundles and their Controllers.