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Package org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol.attributes

comprises additional information associated with Users.


Class Summary
AbstractAttribute<T> base class for all attributes.
AbstractTypedCheck<T> is an entity representing a check against a given type.
AbstractValue<T> represents the tripel of an AbstractAttribute, a User and the value <T>.
AttributeFactory the factory for the attributes.
AttributeFactoryConfig the configuration of the AttributeFactory.
AttributeRegistry The base of the AttributeRegistry.
BooleanAttribute a very simple Attribute storing a Boolean.
BooleanValue represents a boolean value.
BundleAttribute represents a Bundle in the AttributeRegistry.
RegexStringCheck tests a AbstractValue<String> against a regular expression.
SectionAttribute a very simple Attribute for structuring the AttributeRegistry.
SectionValue The value for the SectionAttribute.
SelectionAttribute TODO: requires major refactoring to really be multi-select-able.
StringAttribute a very simple Attribute storing a String.
StringValue represents a string based value.

Package org.torweg.pulse.accesscontrol.attributes Description

comprises additional information associated with Users.

TODO: explain system and user attributes